Beyond The Wall
by Tanya Landman

Imagine this. It’s nearly two thousand years ago, a time when the world is large and wild. You sit around a campfire in Roman Britain - Britannia. But you are not a Roman, you belong to a rebellious, unconquered tribe living behind the wall built by Hadrian to keep the Empire safe from the ‘barbarians’. To keep your land safe from you. In the dark of the night, someone starts to tell a story. It is the story of a slave, a girl named Cassia, born in captivity are fate determined the second she first drew breath. But Cassia refuses that fate – refuses to be the whore of her Roman master and runs away. Wolves howl, the wind blows and the stars shine in the depths of the sky as the voice of the teller goes on. This brave and desperate girl, who has known no world but her master’s estate, manages to escape to Londinium. Londinium is not where she wants to be. Her only chance of safety, of a life, is north, beyond Hadrian’s wall, where her people and freedom lies. With her vengeful master on her trail and a bounty on her head, this seems an impossible dream. Until she meets Marcus, a true son of Rome, who offers to help her. Cassia doesn’t trust him – how can she trust a Roman? - but she is a runaway slave. What choice does she have? And so an unlikely alliance is made, and the adventure begins.

This is the newest novel from Tanya Landman, author of Apache,  The Goldsmith’s Dauther, Buffalo Soldier (winner of the Carnegie Medal) and Hell and High Water. Like the others, this is a timeless tale of bravery against injustice and truth against the lies of the age.


Beyond The Wall